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Cameroon Buzz - The Young Humorist Hector Addresses A New Letter To President Paul Biya - YOU WILL BE SHOCKED TO READ WHAT HE HAD TO SAY ...

Dear papa good evening. I am writing this letter to ask you again for the blemishes without tea and tell you that the day after tomorrow I ...

Dear papa good evening. I am writing this letter to ask you again for the blemishes without tea and tell you that the day after tomorrow I will come to lamzon around 12h60 to work a little: 

I will do the rehearsals in camfranglais. As for me, I am well. Dad I discovered that you have talent my father. Aka, people chat. I visited all the presidents of all the international continents, and I saw that you have skills in camfranglais, the French of young people. Now I can not see the talent in you and I let you go with it. This is not good. There are young people out there that they die with talents. Is Esseu good? No, papa, is that okay? I do not like to see people that they are talented and they are suffering. Dad I discovered your talent. Come on, I'll give you the opportunities. Often you amuse me when the day of the YOUTH party you speak until you put the big words in it as if you only talked to the people who hate, as if you were talking to the old people, while you are YOUNG.

So that you can give us the joy papa with the simple words; You can give us a smile because you are the first YOUNG in our country. One day, you had spoken to the other to say that "androide generation". I screamed the day oooooooo, I applauded until my share came, I jumped, I shouted, I looked "bis" on the remote, I do not see, I go out to the crossroads To download your speech, we cut the light, I go to the landing delegation of the Youth it is said that the delegate is decomposing the song that we will scroll with tomorrow. I searched for your speech there jusquakaaa ... Just now you have spoken up to say that "in the sauce. Daddy the kind of words there suits you up. Who taught you that? Waeh the father ci, GOD had created you. We talked about it today in lamzon until aaaaaaa, true true You are a yor eh? You're great, I swear. Maybe you do not know, huh? As soon as you say a kind of words there, everyone speaks about it? Have you ever seen anything like daddy? The other had said "yes we can" to boast with ... today is where? Nessa has it "replaced"? Daddy sorry, I want to see you one day in pants-jeans pardon papa, you promise me? Hey daddy?

You are young, you stay young, and we often say out there that even if you put the red oil anyhow on the pistachio it will never become the koki. Dad we do not want the speeches of the big evils. We want simple words. I'll come to lamzon to teach you the camfranglais. You have the notebooks in lamzon not? 200 pages. And when I NEVER whip I sometimes whine? But I also give the scholarships to reward. With computers. Directly huh? I do not lose me time, I'm like you, I'm not the kind of people they promise things and after that it lasts again. In the meantime, I begin the course once. Take your hideout. Next time when you want to make the Nor speech, say no more to us than "my dear young compatriots." Tell us that "guys and cocoooo" and we will answer that: "woooooooooo, speaks papiiiii". And you say that "yèčèsssssssoooo". Dad does not say, "Do not stay who wants but who can".

But they say: "Perka you want to make the Sisia to whom, maaaf you are Cameroonians? ". We do not say "our country is irreversibly involved in the mutation," Dad said, "The guys are already advanced, the second bin." When you mean that we have crossed the line and reached the peak of success, You say only that: "the guys, together, we pressed CTRL D: disturb". Do not say that the barbarism of people astonishes you daddy. Say that: "I wanda on you huh your brain is pierced? ". Do not say that without the youth the country can not advance. Say only that "when soup of which bolè massa fufu no di pass". If you want to give the stroke to whatever you're waiting for when the lions are playing, you say "inside the box in the cameroon side". You must repeat this to lamzon before I arrive. Because I do not joke with stubborn students. That's what I'm going to teach you. You are our president: God has given you everything, and he does not want to take anything back: life, a beautiful woman, the greatest country in the world, the most proud people in the world, GOD has given you money You touch even how much by ME or by us? God has given you the warmth my father: I swear to you papa, wears a little one day the panton Jean you will confirm what we are going to do. We were told that the past participle employed with the auxiliary "have" does not agree in kind and in number with the COD except that it is placed before the verb. Now papa, I tell you that the projects of the head of The state used with the democracy agree in kind and in number with the youth except if it is placed next to their father.Pad and now, esseu often when you stay in lamzon you also say that we are your children yaaaa I told you that I would like to have a chance to meet you, and I would like to thank you for your help. 'is nice ? People spend time on TV and in books, they say that we young people do not know how to claim our rights; They only trap us daddy, they want us to go out into the streets, as if you too tune could not also go down the street. Papa we resist their temptations, and why do not you flatter us, too? In the meantime, when the lions have won, there are young people who have made the accident because they are jubilant ... Some are in hospitals ... it's like that, nor? Better of them. They sacrificed themselves for the nation.

Nor paa'aa? Dad we must flatter ourselves too ... I can not spend my life loving you, and die early love for you, while your life is still long here on earth. I spend my life recognizing that you are the chief of armies, the UN number, the first man of the country, the first soldier, the first teacher, the first computer scientist, the first benskineur, the first of the first, the mini-pampam hot guys , The cuckoo of Chantou my mother Galaxy, in short, the ONE number, Alias ​​PAPI the most cute of presidents. Do you know what it's like when you like that he does not see? When you loved Mother, if she pretended not to see, why did you like it? Do we even disturb you? Good night Daddy. Think of what I was telling you. I want to see you with the pantalon Jean, with the black glasses, the all star, and your wallet. I arrive the day after tomorrow. Hoping for a favorable outcome, accept my deep respect as the mamiwater.