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As He ‘Builds’ Mountains ... Has Prophet Walter Magaya Become God?

Having built his last mountain at the dawn of time, God has shelved the prototypes and architectural plans used in constructing mountains....

Having built his last mountain at the dawn of time, God has shelved the prototypes and architectural plans used in constructing mountains. 

And now most recently prosperity clergyman’ and self-styled Prophet Walter Magaya has decided to revive the forgotten masonry and ‘build’ his own multi-million dollar mountain in Waterfalls for his congregants and pilgrims to worship on.

And now, weeks after the ‘official opening’ of the said mountain by tourism Minister Walter Mzembi, many are still perplexed at how to receive the mountain with a price tag.

By Robert Mukondiwa
That and also gagged by a bitter admonition by the minister as he protected the wealthy man of the cloth saying people should ‘leave him alone!’

Traditional churches have had them; Mutemwa in Mutoko near the John Bradburne Memorial and the leprosy centre has attracted Catholic pilgrims and believers from across religions and denominations.

Except its price tag is totally priceless having been built by God.

The Anglicans convene at Bernard Mizeki’s sanctuary around the mystic mountains of Hwedza and commune with their God while the many from the apostolic sects convene at many mountains across the nation to get closer to their divine.

But never in the history of mountain vigils have people actually convened on multi-million dollar mountains built buy man.

The Samaritan woman, had she been alive in this day would have been perplexed even more after asking Jesus why they ought to move from the Mountain of God to pray at the Jerusalem based temple. Now she would have to be told to move her prayer habits and little bits and bobs to the mountain of Magaya.

Traditionalists would be confused too. They grew up knowing Gomo raMasare popularised by an eighties hit by The Zig-Zag Band. Where they would find tsvoritsvoto and matamba. Now they would have to become familiar with Gomo raMagaya. The song would probably have to be altered;

Gomo RaMagaya
Hona Anointing Oil
Gomo RaMagaya
Hona ma wrist bands,
Gomo RaMagaya,
Hona ma handerchief….

In all fairness the prophet is alleged to have ‘improved’ on an existing hill that God had made, putting in place renovations to the divine artistry of God in order to come up with ‘his’ ‘new’ mountain.

And he also had to ‘dismantle’ pieces of the Holy Land by ‘importing’ a rock from Israel (albeit allegedly as a gift) in order to make his mountain have as real a feel as the Holy Land itself. One wonders what will be left in Israel if everyone would pull apart rocky Israel to construct their own hills and mountains in their own countries.

There would be precious little left for the Israelis and the Palestinians to fight over if people like Magaya were to loot the soil literally!

Certainly the prosperity gospel has brought phenomenon to the world of religion that have all been unfathomable in the past with many grappling over whether our self-styled prosperity gospel Prophets are genuine servants of God or the false prophets of the end time.

The very people who would have the ‘power’ to instruct mountains to move from one place to another, or in this case instruct mountains to come to being thanks to a couple of millions. While faith was said to move mountains, in the case of Magaya it is probably a case of ‘millions moving mountains’ no doubt.

Whatever the case what is definitely guaranteed is that the new wave of prophets and prophecy will no doubt keep us talking and encountering new ‘religious innovations’ the likes of which have never been seen before.
Source: As He ‘Builds’ Mountains ... Has Magaya Become God? By Robert Mukondiwaa
Magaya Commissions 'his' mountain in Waterfalls with Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi recently