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Shingi Munyeza and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa In Nasty Fallout

Dr Shingi Munyeza criticism of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s call to his congregation to seed certain amounts of money during the New Year’s...

Dr Shingi Munyeza criticism of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s call to his congregation to seed certain amounts of money during the New Year’s Eve crossover service was nothing short of shocking given that the two were known bosom buddies to say the least if the invitation by Makandiwa to Munyeza to speak at the billionaire Mindset Summit is anything to go by. 

The statements by Munyeza baffled many.

Several clergy men were interviewed by the press over the call by Makandiwa, with Munyeza twitting his comments. Reverend Amon Madawo from AFM in Zimbabwe, as expected could not say anything positive about Prophet Makandiwa given the fact that it is commonly held that he had a hand in pushing Makandiwa out from AFM. Others like Apostle Murata and Bishop Mangwanya had negative sentiments about Makandiwa and that could be taken for petty jealousness by leaders of small congregations who are failing to attract meaningful membership in comparison to Makandiwa who despite the call for a seed had an overflow of congregants as usual and as is the norm for all of his services.

Dr Shingi’s Munyeza, who is a senior pastor with Faith Ministries twitter rant where he said people should not be conned of their hard-earned money under the guise of sowing seeds to a man of God set tongues wagging in the Christian circles. This coming from a supposedly man of cloth who is promoting beer drinking and other related vices like prostitution at his News Café Restaurants left many with many questions about his morales.

His line of business contradicts the gospel that he preaches, leading people astray in one breath and in the next he is saying that people should turn to God. Sources told this publication that Makandiwa has never criticized Munyeza over his business dealings. Makandiwa in his inaugural Billionaire’s Mindset Summit invited Munyeza to speak during the conference. That invitation is a rarity from Makandiwa.

The sources said that Munyeza’s nasty comments could be linked to the snub he received from Makandiwa in the business sector. Munyeza runs News Cafe in Borrowdale where another of Makandiwa Ster Kinekor franchises operates in and they are neighbours. There were no toilet facilities at News café resulting the inhibiters using those at Ster Kinekor.

Staff from Ster Kinekor began refusing entry to those drunks from New Cafe because they did not want to pollute their clientele since no liquor is sold at Ster Kinekor and some of the drunks were unruly. This did not go down well with Munyeza who became bitter with Makandiwa who was just upholding his Christian principles continued the sources.

Munyeza all along has been looking for an opportune moment to get one over at Makandiwa, but still he took a wrong turn said the sources citing that at the Billionaire Mindset Conference participants paid to enter the HICC and Munyeza never expressed reservations about speaking at that event. The sources expressed their disgust at the double standards shown by Munyeza for running beerhalls under the guise of cafes while criticising those who live by the word of God. Other clergymen who spoke on condition of anonymity said Munyeza sentiments showed the highest form of hypocrisy.

They said Makandiwa is man of God who is principled and does not compromise on his beliefs nor speak with forked tongues unlike the other men of cloth who behave like Pharisees. He, Makandiwa is untainted from the scandals associated with the other clergy and his ministry has grown in a relatively short space of time and this could be the source of the envy from his peers. Makandiwa has pioneered the prophetic ministry in this country and tested previously unchartered waters in the Pentecostal movement breaking downs barriers and in the process making it easy for the likes of Munyeza to make it in ministry.
Shingi Munyeza and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa In Nasty Fallout
Source: Citizen Reports