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Winky D’s Disappear video: A little too late

Winky D last Friday announced the release of the long awaited video for the hit song, Disappear. “Winky D fans have been asking for this ...

Winky D last Friday announced the release of the long awaited video for the hit song, Disappear.

“Winky D fans have been asking for this video, we do what we do because of the fans. And as I promised during Gafa Futi album launch that I would deliver the Disappear video before any other video, it was fitting to answer the Disappear question before I answer the latter – Panorwadza

Moyo, Twenty Five or Gafa Party questions,” said Winky D.

True to his word, The Gafa Life exponent debuted his video on BTV’s flagship music programme Flava Dome on Friday evening before releasing it on his official YouTube channel for online consumption.
Winky D’s Disappear video: A little too late
While some fans would have been pleased with just having a video for the song, for the more critical and perhaps too expectant, the visuals for the runaway hit track contained more bark than bite.

The wait has been long for the chanter’s fans, who like most observers, have been baffled by his decision to sit on a potential gold mine by not making a video for a song that obliterated every chart in Zimbabwe and beyond after its release.

For over a year, the chanter played hide and seek, avoiding or ignoring questions and calls for a video for his hit song.

After the premiere of the video, the buzz and excitement about the video was muted while a rising tide of criticism started to bubble from those that had got less than they had bargained for after a year of waiting.

Perhaps it is the wait that killed the excitement.

One might question the wisdom of releasing the video when the song is no longer popular.

In modern times, videos have become more than the visual accompaniment for song but mini-movies that tell a story that complements what is said in the track. This is an element that seems to be lacking in the chanter’s video which was either made on the premise of a non-existent script or a flimsy one.

While his creative storytelling in songs suggests a man with a strong pen, for the making of this video, this ability seems to have disappeared along with the rest of the problems he so laments in the song. This is of course if he supplied the thin storyline to the Kyle White directed video.

Disappear managed to touch so many people because it gave a nod to the problems that people face in everyday life. Despite not prescribing any solutions to these troubles, his Oskid produced party anthem suggests that people can find smile, joy and party despite these problems.

This is not captured in the video however, with the few video vixens that Winky features in the videos hardly looking the type to be troubled by the problems printed on papers that he holds up to the camera in the video.

While it was undoubtedly a party song for the ages, the video fails to capture any festive mood, with Winky D and the few ladies that feature in the video hardly making up a crowd sufficient for a party. Thus the gyrating vixens that feature in the video are mere eye-candy, thereby making the video a throwback to earlier times when slapping a couple of beautiful ladies in front of the camera was enough to get a video attention.

The video’s one redeeming quality is that it perhaps announces Winky’s departure from the pool of Zimbabwean artistes that make the much lamented grainy videos. With such a high video resolution it is likely to rack in thousands of views on YouTube and bag Winky his much craved regional and continental recognition

Source: Chronicle