Friday, 17 June 2016

Zim dancehall star in the making

Music is something that every person has his or her own specific opinion about.People can use music to express themselves. 

Fourteen-year-old Epworth-based Canwell Nyangoya believes he deserves the chance to be among the country’s top dancehall stars one day. His greatest wish is to meet award winner Zimdancehall star Winky D. On Thursday last week the young chanter wowed guests and his schoolmates at Rengow Christian College in Epworth.

In an interview with Cool Lifestyle Canwell said he got his inspiration from Winky D.

“I grew up listening to Winky D and used to sing along to most of his songs. I later grew a desire to write my own songs and one day my father saw me trying on one song and he was angry about it, until he heard me sing.

“After that day he encouraged me to live up to Winky D’s fame. It is my dream one day I meet Winky D and learn a thing from him. I also have a surprise for him and have heard he has a good heart too. Thank you CLS for visiting my school and exposing my talent,” he said.
Zim dancehall star in the making
Already Canwell has wowed his friends with songs he has wrote.

Canwell has composed a song for CLS and is a huge fan of Urban Reloaded, a column centred on swag.

“If I had the chance to read the paper on Saturday, CLS is my favourite and I love the Reloaded section and hope one day I would have those sneakers, headphones and gadgets among others you always feature on the column. I couldn’t breathe after meeting the cool swag centre team and having a picture taken with them I will cherish the moments,” he said.

Canwell said he has so far managed to record a number of songs.

“With the love of music growing in me everyday, I have managed to record at least nine singles. I did my first song titled ‘One Clan’ in 2013 folowed by ‘Patoridza vanofara’, ‘Ndikutyisa kunge Ebola’, ‘We are balancing rocks’, ‘Mbasa mbasa’ in 2014 and recently ‘Mama’,” he said.

The teenage singer said he has a very clear line between time for his academic education and singing career.

“I make sure I do my school work before I turn to the studio. My parents make sure I don’t mix the two.

“I sometimes take a month away from music and the same period to complete a single song. I meet up with my producer only when I am free,” he said.

He said wants to prove to his family that music is not for those who have failed to make it in other fields in life but a profession that is worth pursuing for its own value.

“Music is a gift and if taken seriously just like any profession it can make you successful.”

According to Rengow vice principal Edward Dzingirayi, Canwell is one of their best Form 2 students but his education is being threatened by constant challenges regarding fees for his education at the college.

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