Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Divorced for calling the baby with a different totem

A 24-YEAR-OLD Goromonzi man failed to report death threats he received from his wife to conceal his marriage to a minor, headman Musonza heard on Sunday.

Joseph Mutakanure, 24, impregnated 15-year-old Rudo Achimwe and divorced her nine months later after she gave birth, accusing her of calling the baby with a different totem.

This came to light after Rudo’s parents dragged Joseph to appear before headman Rodius Kufandada Musonza demanding that he should maintain his nine-month old child.

The court heard that the unemployed Joseph impregnated another woman a few weeks after divorcing Rudo forcing headman Musonza to address the issue by engaging his father.

Rudo said her marriage became sour after she jokingly called her son with a totem different from her husband’s.

Divorced for calling the baby with a different totem
“Ehe ndakati kuna gogo mwana anoyera gudo asi ndaitamba navo.

“I did not know that it was going to be an issue. I used a knife to tear his trousers because I was angry that he was cheating on me. I love my husband although he has since remarried.

“I want to save my marriage and I want to go back to him. I do not mind that there is another woman he is already staying with,” said the teenager.

Joseph said after he confronted Rudo concerning the totem issue that is when she turned violent.

“I came home one day and saw her standing by the gate with a certain boy. I asked her why she was acting like someone who was not married and she did not give me a satisfactory answer.

“Mbuya vangu vakazondiudza kuti Rudo akati mwana anoyera gudo in ndichiera dziva. I was surprised as to why she would say that. I then started to recall all the previous events that had taken place.

“Upon confronting her, she threatened to stab me. I got really scared because I had never seen her like that. Since that night she slept with a knife under her pillow. I then decided to send her back to her parents’ house because I could no longer live in fear,” he said.

Asked if he was aware that he married a minor, Joseph told the court that Rudo told him that she was 17-years- old.

“She told me that she was 17-years-old and I never thought of verifying considering her big body and I am still to take a birth certificate for the child,” said Joseph.

Headman Musonza warned villagers over child marriages saying it was disheartening to deal with matters of divorce especially when there are young people involved.

“This is the danger of getting married at a tender age. You should have grown up first before engaging in grown-up things. This is the reason why the government is against child marriages. Now your marriage has collapsed over a joke.

“Shuwa ungati pamusha pavayera Dziva woti kumwana vaGudo? Hauoni kuti kutamba kusina kunaka ikoko. Tikati tangai makura hamudi moda kumhanyira zvavakuru.

“It is not easy to witness a marriage collapse. Sort out your issues and make peace with each other. You are still young and so is your child.

“It is disturbing that just seven months after you divorced this girl you already have another wife who is three months pregnant. You should get your priorities right,” said headman Musonza.

Joseph and Rudo took a vow before the court that they would work out their differences and get back together as husband and wife.

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