Friday, 10 June 2016

Baptism Victims Drowned - Autopsy

Post-mortem results for the six children who died following an early morning baptism session in a stream by a self-styled prophetess in Sadza, Mashonaland East Province on Monday have revealed that they drowned.

Chief national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed yesterday.

"Post-mortem was conducted and the results showed that they died as a result of asphyxia due to drowning," she said.

The tragedy occurred at Mutorahuku Stream in Muriwo Village under Chief Neshangwe at around 5am.
Baptism Victims Drowned - Autopsy
The victims - two boys and four girls - have been identified as Tafadzwa Dzvuke (5), Tinotenda Dzuke (3), Shamiso Pfumbidza (4), Patience Pfumbidza (9), Blessed Muvadi (1) and Emmanuel Dzvuke (7).

Two suspects - Maud Dzvuke (30) and Jane Ruvinga (34) have since been arrested in connection with the case.

On Tuesday at around 5am, Dzvuke and Ruvinga took the nine juveniles for baptism at the stream.

During the baptism, one of the juveniles aged four years ran away from the stream and met one Tony Kondo (17) who noticed that she was shivering due to coldness.

The juvenile narrated the matter to Kondo who then rushed to the stream to check on other juveniles.

Kondo went to the scene and he found the six juveniles frothing from the mouth.

After realising the condition of the children, the self-styled prophetess started speaking in tongues as if she was possessed and ordered Kondo to ferry the juveniles to her shrine for prayers.

The six juveniles died at the shrine while the other two were ferried to Sadza District hospital where they were admitted in a serious condition.

Dzvuke and Ruvinga fled the scene, but they were later arrested.

They will face culpable homicide charges.

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