Monday, 23 May 2016

My mother killed my son

It's son versus mother after an 80-year-old granny accused of killing her grandchild fell out of favour with her only son.

Violet Mpofu from Ntshamathe village in the Sigola area was branded a witch because tsikamutandas allegedly found her with a hyena that they said was behind the death of her grandson. As such, her only son Obert Moyo wowed to take her life in revenge.

Now thrown out by her son — Mpofu is angry. “He goes around telling people that I am a witch and I killed his child. He chased me from his homestead, told me to never cross his path because he would kill me,” said Mpofu.

She told B-Metro that her conscience is clear but now equally hates her son and dares him to go ahead with his threat. “I don’t want anything to do with Obert.

He has caused me so much pain. I hate him. How could he go around spreading lies about me? So now he wants to kill me? I’m waiting to see if he will manage to kill me,” said Mpofu. However, she did not want to talk about the hyena incident.

“I have nothing to say about that,” she said adding that her daughter, Josephine who took her in knows the real story. But Obert is really convinced his mother has a case to answer.

“The only reason why I haven’t killed her is because I fear the law. Whenever I see her my heart bleeds for my son who she killed,” he said, adding that she intended to use her grandchild as a goblin. Only after everyone in the village was made aware of the developments and tsikamutandas found the alleged evidence, did Obert act.
My mother killed my son
“I immediately chased her from my home and made sure she would not attend my son’s funeral. Blessed died a mysterious death in January this year.

He was hit by a door and his left leg became swollen and I took him to the hospital where doctors said he had little blood in his body. I paid lots of money hoping that he would recover,” said Obert.

Obert also blamed his sister Josephine for sheltering their mother. “I wonder why Josephine immediately allowed my mother stay with her.

It might be because they help each other in their witchcraft activities,” he added. Efforts to get hold Josephine were fruitless as her phone rang unanswered.
Source: B-Metro

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