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Disclose sexual challenges: Prophet Walter Magaya

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya has challenged men to avoid divorces and be responsible. Addre...

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya has challenged men to avoid divorces and be responsible.

Addressing over 50 000 men, who thronged the Men’s All Night Prayer at his base in Waterfalls last Friday, Prophet Magaya said divorces are being caused by men who lack wisdom and knowledge while failing to open up on their problems.

The All Night prayer ran under the theme ‘Creating men with power’.

Quoting scriptures from the Holy Bible in the book of Genesis, Prophet Magaya said biblical Eve entertained the snake after Adam left her alone and this destroyed their generation and affected lives.

“Men are required to take their responsibilities and the word ‘man’ refers to someone with responsibility but if you fail to be responsible you destroy your marriages and the society as well,” said Prophet Magaya.

“Be a man with a teachable character, prepared to learn from others but the problem with man without power is that they decide to lie with correct information to the person prepared to help him.

“Men let’s rise up because your failure to be powerful will leave God with no choice but to invest the lost power in women who are supposed to be your helpers.
Prophet Walter Magaya
Prophet Walter Magaya
“It is shocking to learn that men do not disclose their shortcomings even in sexual challenges as they try to protect their standing in society and they cry foul when such issues expose them at last.

“Information is power as well as knowledge, ask your elders how to go about it. Some of you married at a young age without any assistance from elders but already you are called father by your children, humble yourselves and seek advice.

“It is disheartening to learn that married women are more knowledgeable than their husbands and this is leading to divorces, separation and domestic violence.

“Ukaona watanga kuzvikudza usingadi kubatsirwa nevamwe, wave mbimbindoga ziva kuti kuparara kwako kwava pamusiwo, those who humble themselves God exalts them.

“Jesus Christ, although he is God, humbled himself and allowed to be counted among the sinners even to his death by the cross. God raised him from the dead and gave him power that in His name all knees bow down and I declare tonight that all men who are stubborn, impish be delivered in Jesus Christ’s name,” said Prophet Magaya to a resounding Amen from the crowd.

“Men must have inner strength, able to satisfy their wives and open to constructive criticism when they fail and be prepared to learn,” he added.

Prophet Magaya told H-Metro that the separate prayer meetings he is holding with men and women follows various issues being sent to him by PHD counsellors, divorce rate and stepping into the spiritual gift of deliverance.

“I am taking more time with people in teaching since some are held captive in their minds that they cannot receive their healing even after all prayers I conduct with them,” said Prophet Magaya.

“Munhu haadi kupona kana kubvuma kupona saka ndewe kutokakaritsira kuruponiso,” he added.

The all night prayer was also attended by men from countries that include Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania.

Prophet Magaya distributed books he wrote titled ‘Anti-Marriage’ where he shares more about how to solve marriage issues.