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Wizkid Leaves Without Performing... New Show Slated For August

April 8, 2016 is a day Bulawayo promoters – X-MO Squad want to quickly erase from their minds as they organised one of the worst events thi...

April 8, 2016 is a day Bulawayo promoters – X-MO Squad want to quickly erase from their minds as they organised one of the worst events this year – the Wizkid show in which the Nigerian artiste failed to pitch up.

X-MO Squad who won the Zima Best Promoter Award two years ago had apparently partnered with Steve to have an appreciation of event hosting in Harare amid allegations they wanted to host an event similar to the Kalawa Homecoming Party in Harare later in the year.

Unfortunately the event did not go according to plan leaving them with nothing but disappointed fans and local artistes. While fans are demanding explanations and refunds, local artistes simply want their payment.

Unlike most international artistes, Wizkid had arrived in Harare well on time – a day before the concert and actually had time to give interviews to various local radio stations but mysteriously failed to attend the show.
Wizkid Leaves Without Performing... New Show Slated For August
Though it remains unclear why he failed to attend the outdoor evening event preferring to hang out in his Crowne Plaza room, what is clear is that promoters are wholly responsible for the fracas.

Show organisers’ failure to identify a suitable venue considering the change in weather patterns and poor marketing were a recipe for disaster especially considering that Wizkid had been rumoured to have stated in his contract that he would not perform for less than 1,000 people. The show was only marketed a few days before it was held.

The few loyal fans who braved the rainy and cold weather last Friday soon trickled out of the venue after realising Wizkid was taking long to take to the stage. Though local acts including Cal_Vin, Cynthia Mare, Mzoe 7, Brian Kadengu and Judgement Yard gave top drawer performances, fans soon got impatient as they had parted with their money to watch Wizkid perform.

But alas after Judgement Yards’ electric performance which ended after 2AM, the stage lights and sound system were switched off. Though it first seemed like a technical glitch, the crowd soon realised the concert had come to an abrupt end.

It was at this point that things started falling apart. A wise Chatunga Mugabe and friends who were among those who had attended the event were wise enough to leave the VVIP section just five minutes before people started throwing bottles on stage with some flying in the VVIP section.

Worried about their equipment, some technicians attempted removing some of the equipment but ran out of luck as the wild crowds kept throwing bottles in anger.

Event spokesperson, Larry Kwirirayi went on stage, grabbed a microphone with the hope of announcing something to the crowd but the microphones had been disconnected so people could barely here what he wanted to say. Instead, they chose to aim their bottles at him forcing him to leave the stage. As a result, the show ended with no official explanation as to what had transpired, leaving people baying for the promoters’ blood.

The only information that was shared was that show attendees needed to keep their tickets/wristbands for a possible makeup show the day after.

A statement released on Saturday afternoon however stated that a make-up show would be held yesterday afternoon leaving those who had lost their entrance tags in a fix as they would need to buy tickets again.

“We’re committed to making sure Wizkid makes his maiden performance in Zimbabwe and as such, we’ve arranged for a show on Sunday, 10 April at the Harare International Conference Centre.

“Gates will open at midday and he’ll be on stage at 3PM. All fans with wristbands and unclaimed tickets will be able to attend the show for no further charge, otherwise the show will be $10,” read part of the first statement.

But promoters seemed to have forgotten that revellers needed money to spend at the concert, money which many probably had used up the previous night considering the event had begun at about 8PM and ended at 3AM the next day.

To add onto the confusion, promoters released a contradicting statement a few minutes later, announcing that the Sunday show had been cancelled.

“The show that was scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, 10 April has now been postponed. A date has been secured but cannot be revealed at this time until statutory requirements have been met.

“This is after valid concerns raised by a significant number of fans who had travelled from other parts of country and beyond who didn’t see Wizkid in action. We don’t want anyone to be left out.

“Wizkid has committed to performing on the new date and will be making a statement of his own to the fans and other stakeholders.”

Efforts to get official comment from show organisers were fruitless as they referred questions to Kwirirayi.

Sources close to the developments however said August 27 had been set as the new date.

“Wizkid had agreed to perform today (Sunday) but the promoter was scared of running a loss as they feared not many people would attend the afternoon Sunday event. That’s why they then agreed to have the show in August after properly planning for it,” said a source.

Wizkid who is alleged to have spent the duration of his visit holed up in the Crowne Plaza hotel left the country for Nigeria yesterday morning.

Sources quashed allegations that the artiste had not been paid in full saying most international artistes do not travel before all their money has been deposited into their bank accounts.

“Wizkid wouldn’t have bothered travelling to Zimbabwe if he hadn’t been paid. His contract was clear on that. He didn’t perform because of the rain.”