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No-show Wizkid slips out of Zimbabwe

Nigerian music star Wizkid, who failed to perform at Old Hararians Sports Club on Friday despite the fact that he was in Harare , slipped...

Nigerian music star Wizkid, who failed to perform at Old Hararians Sports Club on Friday despite the fact that he was in Harare, slipped out of the country on Sunday leaving behind irate fans.

“He is no longer in the country as he left on Sunday when we decided we were not going to have a show on that day,” said Wizkid Zimbabwe Tour spokesperson Larry Kwirirayi.

He added that they were working on refunding the handful of people who had purchased tickets but were only entertained by local acts.

“The actual details on where people can redeem tickets will be made available this afternoon (Monday, April 11).There are just a few minor details that have to be sorted out,” said Kwirirayi.

The Wizkid Zimbabwe Tour spokesperson once again refused to give the exact reasons why the Nigerian musician failed to perform despite the fact that he was in the country.

“Like we said it was reasons beyond our control. That is the reason he did not perform. The official statement stands as is. There is no departure from it and new wisdom to share at the moment.
Nigerian pop star Wizkid
“He (Wizkid) was frustrated. We were frustrated. The fans were frustrated. We have a date for the new show but we can’t publish it because you know we have to go through
National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (Nacz) etc for that.

“I think it is also key to add that we understand and share the frustrations of the fans. But we do not condone the violence of the few misguided individuals who threw missiles onto the stage. That is not who we as the organisers, our partners and Zimbabweans at large stand for,” he said.

Nacz communications and marketing officer Catherine Mthombeni said they had duly cleared the show and the promoter was in communication with them.

“The operations manager for X-Mo Squad phoned Nacz on Saturday April 9, citing that Wizkid was unable to perform due to rain. They proposed that they were considering organising another show and would communicate to Nacz once they finalise their options.

“Organising shows is a business hence it is the responsibility of the promoter to ensure that clients are properly compensated whenever shows are disrupted by natural cause as was said to be the reason in this instance. Should clients feel aggrieved or short-changed, they can always appeal to Nacz for intervention.

“What Nacz is aware of is the fact that the show was postponed to another date in the future. Clearance of shows in Zimbabwe is done after presentation of information like venue, entry fee, artists involved and number of shows to be held. Nacz will only be able to determine if there is further obligation or not by the promoter after all the relevant information is submitted,” she said.

With the organisers refusing to explain why Wizkid failed to perform, social media has gone into overdrive.

Some are convinced that the Nigerian artiste refused to perform before a small crowd while others claim that the Ojuelegba hit-maker failed to go on stage because he was still owed some money. Daily News