Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Angry wife burns her homestead after finding hubby bonking small house

A WOMAN from Sikhuni village in Inyathi ran amok destroying all the huts at her homestead after catching her husband pants down with a girlfriend.

Sifile Kheswa cut short her visit to her parents’ place after getting a tip-off that the father of her three children, George Zulu, had turned their matrimonial home into a love nest. Narrating her ordeal, Kheswa said she could not stomach the news that someone was co-habiting with her husband at her homestead. “I had visited my parents in Kenilworth when a friend told me he was with a hooker in our home. I had initially planned to stay for two weeks but my visit was cut short by a week,” she said.

After receiving the heart-rending news Kheswa hatched a plot to trap the two lovebirds. She unceremoniously stormed into their bedroom hut but seeing what she suspected, she almost collapsed. “I was filled with rage. It was around 9pm when I barged into the bedroom. My heart sank at the shameful sight of that wicked man and shameless girlfriend of his,” she said.
Angry wife burns her homestead after finding hubby bonking small house
The two lovebirds fled the scene half-dressed fearing Kheswa’s reaction. “I was hurt. I could not let that horrible man stay in the huts I built with my own hands so it was better to destroy them,” she said.

In his defence Zulu said his wife had gone for too long and he had desires to deal with. “What were you expecting me to do when my wife who is supposed to cater for my needs was not there?I had to do what any man could have done,” Zulu said.

Source: B-Metro

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