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5 Ways To Attract Beautiful Girls Without Talking

Have you ever noticed how many girls complain about guys being assholes, but still only seem to flirt with guys that clearly don’t care abo...

Have you ever noticed how many girls complain about guys being assholes, but still only seem to flirt with guys that clearly don’t care about them? 

Have you wondered why you keep getting overlooked in favor of supposed “Alpha Males”? What makes “Alpha Males” so attractive to women? Read on, and find out how you can change your behavior, become more confident, and significantly increase your chances with women.

1. Confidence – Fake it ‘til you make it
The “Alpha Male” is confident and this shows in his body language. He is confident enough to express his point of view, in a straightforward, calm manner with those around him. He doesn’t worry too much. You’ve probably heard thousands of times how important it is to be confident. And we all know how difficult it can be to fake it. Before you become confident try to affect that you already are.

Pay attention to your body language. Confident men carry themselves well and have proper posture. Don’t go through the room so quickly that nobody has a chance to talk to you. Walk slowly and upright, and when you sit down keep your hands unclenched.

When an Alpha Male sits, he leans back, appears relaxed, and takes up all the space he needs. While his friends take up little space and are anxious around others, an Alpha Male isn’t afraid of physical contact and always looks people in the eyes. Don’t mumble. Speak slowly and articulate your thoughts clearly. If you’re naturally introverted, make sure you speak loudly enough for others to hear and understand you.
5 Ways To Attract Beautiful Girls Without Talking
2. Self-respect – What should matter most
The Alpha Male is self-assured and firm in his beliefs and opinions. He doesn’t worry too much about what others think about him. This makes him hard to manipulate. Strong, dominant characters don’t shy away from controversy and stand up for themselves. This attitude also applies to women. If an Alpha Male feels he is being manipulated by a girl, he doesn’t waste time figuring out the reasons, he just moves on to someone else. He lives by his own rules, and isn’t submissive to even the most beautiful woman.

A woman, who enters the world of the Alpha, must play by his rules. She won’t try to change his behavior. Live by your own rules and refuse to compromise your values for anyone. Make women play by your rules too. Put yourself first and people will respect your more. Women love men who respect themselves!

Conscious decision-making doesn’t have much to do with attraction and love. If you want to keep a girl interested, show her that you don’t really care THAT much. Appear busier than you actually are. Even if you want to see her everyday, don’t make yourself so available. Make plans that don’t involve her, and keep busy. Set a date with her on another day. Ignoring a woman will make her want you more, and I don’t have to tell you what a boost that can be to your confidence.

3. Decisiveness – Put yourself first
An Alpha Male knows he has to make the first move when approaching a woman. When it comes to fulfilling his goals, he’s not afraid of work or rejection. Instead of letting the world influence him, he influences the world. Don’t be afraid to stand firm in your decisions.

Girls love guys that are decisive and unafraid of taking the lead. Decision-making is a critical component of life and a way to demonstrate your self-confidence. Next time you ask her out, make sure you know where you’d like to take her. Don’t ask her where she’d like to go. Make it an experience that shows her something about you.

4. Sexuality – Make it second nature
An Alpha Males isn’t afraid of his sexuality. He doesn’t seek approval to behave in polite, sexual ways that come naturally. Whether it’s teasing his girlfriend or ‘accidentally’ touching a girl’s back, there’s no doubt of his intentions.

Displaying your sexuality may seem foreign to you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take proactive steps to become more comfortable with your sexual self. Start small, with the arms, waist, or back. Don’t be offensive or awkward. Just relax and engage the girl you’re interested in a way that makes her understand your intentions without seeming creepy. Be mindful of her reaction.

5. Self-improvement – Invest in developing your personality
Maybe you blame your appearance, metabolism, or even narcissistic tendencies on your failed pick-up attempts, but that’s not how attraction works. Don’t make yourself into some sad scapegoat! Success with women has little to do with extraneous circumstances. Work on self-improvement and personal growth.

An Alpha Male is busy and passionate, and the time and attention he has to spend with other people is limited, and therefore valuable. Once you have a goal that extends beyond bedding down every female you come across, you become more interesting and desirable. Women will love you! Playing Xbox, watching TV, and only doing things within your Comfort Zone won’t change you. You can only boost your self-confidence by challenging yourself to excel and trying new things.

When was the last time you did something exciting? Discovery is an important part of life, so travel to new places and try new hobbies, or try learning some new skills. Ladies like a guy that gets out there and is unique, and it gives them the thrill of the unknown, which they find incredibly attractive.

Notice that I didn’t mention anything about “good looks” or money? Women don’t expect all men to be incredibly chiseled football players in order to spend time with them. Seduction is based on displaying fundamental “Alpha Male” traits, such as confidence, independence, and masculinity. Being an “Alpha Male” is the result of self-acceptance. Something we all struggle with from time to time.