Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I Don't Give A Damn About Bill Cosby's or The Cosby Show's Legacies!

Ebony Magazine for their November cover issue, created a shocking image. It has an old cast photo of Bill Cosby and his television family, but the pictures is one, which mimics broken glass, which suggests that the Cosby Show legacy is destroyed.

The Black Respectability Police (You know that collective group of Negroes who make it their life's mission to tell other black people what to do constantly (rolls eyes) lost their collective minds. The Bill Cosby supporters were not too far behind.

I get it. You love the Cosby Show. I did too. I have been known to watch marathons of old reruns.
But while we were guffawing at Bill's corny jokes and pretending/wishing that he was our daddy, he was raping women.
I Don't Give A Damn About Bill Cosby's or The Cosby Show's Legacies!
For those of you who say what about all of the actors /actresses who received their big breaks into the entertainment sector from being on the Cosby Show? Guess what? He raped some of them too, and used his position and the promise to "further their careers, or stop them" to do so.

For those of you who say what about all of the HBCU's he helped with his donations? Guess what? He raped some of those women too (Google the story about the Temple employee, who he drugged by using his relationship with the university.).

For those of you who say what about the other actors/actresses who are missing royalty checks because most networks won't air the show anymore? Like his wife, Camille, Phylicia Rashad and Keishia Knight-Pulliam vilified his accusers and helped to open them up to unfair public scrutiny, so if they are hit in their pockets too, well, that is called Karma, and I will not shed any tears or lose any sleep.

For those of you who say support him because he is a black man. Let me remind you of Bill Cosby's, You Negroes Ain't Shit tour of 2004, where he ridiculed you for giving your kids ghetto names, told you that you couldn't speak English properly, to pull up your pants, while he was raping women (His huge civil case from 2005, was filed by a woman he raped in 2004, and the lone person who has sued him for his disgusting behavior). Yes, you read that correctly. While Bill Cosby was ridiculing the black community for their behavior, telling you how to make yourselves more socially acceptable, he was raping women.

So although the Cosby Show was a decent show, It is not the only show, and it is certainly not the most important issue for the black community. There are far greater issues on which to focus than a fictitious show' s legacy and a man who probably wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire.

What about your own personal legacies? That is what you should be more concerned about!

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