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Man admits stealing from President Mugabe

A resigned assistant truck driver at Alpha Omega Dairy, which is owned by President Robert Mugabe and his family, admitted to stealing from...

A resigned assistant truck driver at Alpha Omega Dairy, which is owned by President Robert Mugabe and his family, admitted to stealing from the company as he continued to receive his salary months after his resignation.

Tapiwa Manyoni, 21, of 12 Muchirahondo Street in Mbare was convicted of theft charges on his own plea of guilt by Harare magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta, and he will perform 105 hours of community service.

The complainant is Alpha Omega Dairy Company, represented by Mkhululi Nyoni, the head of security at Gushungo Holdings Private Limited.

On July 24 last year, Manyoni worked as a truck assistant based at Alpha Omega Simon Mazorodze branch in Harare.
A worker at the Gushungo Dairy (Picture by NewsDay)
The court heard that Manyoni resigned from work after notifying his employer that he wanted to further his studies.

However, Alpha Omega continued depositing a monthly salary of $242,72 into Manyoni’s CBZ Bank account at Robert Mugabe Branch in the city.

The money was deposited for four consecutive months and amounted $970,88.

According to the State on December 5 last year Manyoni withdrew $940 from his bank account which was not due to him and converted the money to his own use.

A bank statement was obtained and produced in court as an exhibit.

Alpha Omega suffered a total prejudice of $970,88 and nothing was recovered.

Cases of theft against the Mugabes are on the rise and last month 10 people employed by the First Family were hauled before the courts on charges of theft after they allegedly stole dairy products worth $700.

Alpha Omega is a subsidiary of Gushungo Holdings Private Limited, a company owned by Mugabe and his family.

James Mugombi, 35, Mackenzi Makufa, 35, Alec Kadangirana,27, Abraham Chiwurira, 36, Zondai Kayinga, 28, Ignatius Mubani, 34, Tafadzwa

Chidzedzedze, 25, Joramu Magundani, 25, Takudzwa Muchena, 21, and Joseph Muzokura, 21, were not asked to plead when they appeared before magistrate Elijah Makomo.

According to the court sometime in December last year, information was received that the ten men gang were stealing products from the Alpha Omega Mazowe depot.

It was allegedly revealed that Mugombi being the factory manager would instruct Makufa, the warehouse attendant to load extra goods in the delivery trucks that were en route for Harare.

Makufa would allegedly use Kadangirana and Chiwurira and load extra goods in the presence Kayinga, a security guard, who is supposed to check that all goods tally with accompanying invoices.

The court heard that one Kenneth Mugabe, who is yet to be arrested, would allegedly drive to Harare with the load which would be sold and the profits split between the ten men.

It is the State’s case that acting on the tip-off, Mkhululi Nyoni, head of security at the company went to the Harare depot and discovered variances which prompted him to put immediate measures to stop the allegedly theft.

On December 20, the gang using their usual modus operandi loaded and dispatched a truck for Harare.

Upon arrival in Harare Nyoni inspected the truck that had arrived and discovered that there were extra goods loaded namely 750 units of sour milk and 670 units of flavoured yoghurt.

A report was made to the police on December 21, leading to the arrest of the ten men. Daily News

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