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Chiyangwa Humiliated On LIVE Radio

Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) presidential aspirant Phillip Chiyangwa does not know what the abbreviations FIFA and COSAFA stand for....

Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) presidential aspirant Phillip Chiyangwa does not know what the abbreviations FIFA and COSAFA stand for. Chiyangwa displayed his ignorance when he appeared on ZiFM stereo radio current affairs programme hosted by Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa this week.

The flamboyant businessman was sharing his manifesto with soccer fans. A caller from Australia, Masimba, asked Chiyangwa: “What does FIFA COSAFA and CAF stands for?”

Instead of answering the simple question, Chiyangwa went ballistic and started shouting, accusing the caller of spending too much time in the west.
Chiyangwa Humiliated On LIVE Radio
“Wa fonerei iwewe taura zvine musoro, ndozvinonetsa mukagarisa kuvarungu munotinetsa. musingade kupota muchibatsira Zimbabwe (why have you called, can you ask something sensible, that’s the problem with people who have overstayed in the west, you are one of the people who don’t even want to assist in building Zimbabwe).”

“What have you done for this country?” shouted Chiyangwa.

Then the caller said a lot of people, including his own mother, wanted to know if Chiyangwa was the right person to lead ZIFA.

“I don’t talk about your mother, it’s you who called, what have you done even to help your family and even assist Zimbabwe, not even in football but in whatever here?”

“Chi chaura kubatsira kuno kuZimbabwe iwewe what have you helped Zimbabwe with, this is one person I’m not going to answer.”

But the caller insisted that Chiyangwa should answer the question. Ruvheneko then interjected and came to Chiyangwa’s rescue, telling the caller that her guest was not going to answer the question.

“He said he is not going to answer and if you have any other question I will give you the opportunity to ask since you called us all the way from Australia,” said Ruvheneko.

But Chiyangwa cut in, saying he had already made up his mind and was not going to answer any more questions from Masimba.

“No, no, no I don’t want to take any more questions from you and I don’t want to dignify your stupidity here, I don’t want to talk to you,” said Chiyangwa.

FIFA stands for International Federation of Association Football while CAF stands for Confederation of African football. COSAFA means Council of Southern Africa Football Associations.

So far, Chiyangwa will be squaring it with former Warriors skipper Benjani Mwaruwari who this week threw his hat into ring in the race to replace ousted Cuthbert Dube.

Source: NewZimbabwe