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Prophet Walter Magaya brings Pretoria to a complete standstill.

There was palpable anticipation and excitement in the air from thousands of worshippers who thronged Tshwane Stadium for the Prophetic Heali...

There was palpable anticipation and excitement in the air from thousands of worshippers who thronged Tshwane Stadium for the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries crusade that was set to start last night under the leadership of Prophet Walter Magaya.

Several people, including the physically challenged, came in anticipation of deliverance from Prophet Magaya.

Gates were opened at around 1300 and queues had already formed as people came early to get seats from a vantage position. Long and winding queues could be seen as early as mid-morning and by around 1700 hours, people were still trooping into the venue.
Prophet Walter Magaya brings Pretoria to a complete standstill.
People who came were Zimbabweans resident in South Africa, South Africans and other foreigners from neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. People were being entertained by praise and worship choir while they were waiting for Prophet Magaya to come to the venue.

The presence of Prophet Magaya generated a lot of interest in South Africa, whose arrival at Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport caused a stir as several people jostled to have a glimpse of him.

The arrival lobby was a hive of activity on Wednesday evening when he arrived, drawing attention from travellers, cabin crews among others who were taken by surprise.

Prophet Magaya predicted a bumber crowd on Tuesday when he addressed congregates at his Waterfalls base in Harare before leaving for Pretoria.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Ambassador to South Africa Mr Isaac Moyo, said Prophet Magaya’s crusade would enhance relations between Zimbabwe and South Africa particularly the promotion of religious tourism and other businesses.

Ambassador Moyo said the crusade would act as part of a healing process following xenophobic attacks that rocked South Africa early this year that saw foreigners being killed and others leaving the country in a huff.

Ambassador Moyo is among the dignitaries attending a three-day crusade that started last night and ends tomorrow.

“This crusade will showcase one good side of Zimbabwe that we are also a spiritual people. The crusade will bring about an understanding between a people-to-people relationship,” he said.

“These days, religious tourism is a reality because of the global village we live in.

“In pursuit of spiritual healing, people migrate from one country to another and during their pilgrimage, people spend money thereby boosting a country.”

He paid tribute to Prophet Magaya for the crusade as it drew people from several provinces in South Africa.

“Prophet Magaya’s presence will actually make my work easy because he can pull a huge crowd that will eventually interact, and in so doing promote multilateral relationships as you will notice that people came from different countries within the region,” he said.

Ambassador Moyo said the huge crowd that came for the crusade showed that the different stages of development between Zimbabwe and South Africa was not an issue as religion transcended economic boundaries.

Meanwhile, Prophet Magaya’s inaugural crusade started well last night with hundreds of people being delivered.

Earlier, popular artiste Nicholas Zakaria, who is also a PHD member entertained people with his scintillating songs backed by the Ministries choir. The crusade , which was live on ZBCTv, also drew diplomats from other countries in the region.