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The End of Prophet Uebert Angel....

A website called The Telescope News based in Accra Ghana claims that the sun is setting for ‘fake’ Zimbabwean prophets, Uebert Mudzanire aka...

A website called The Telescope News based in Accra Ghana claims that the sun is setting for ‘fake’ Zimbabwean prophets, Uebert Mudzanire aka Angel, and his partner in deceit Emannuel Makandiwa, as it has now come to light that both are facing possible arrest, following an underground strategy by Ghanaian and Zimbabwean clergyman, to put an end to their alleged illicit spiritual trickery, which is costing the salvation of many souls.

Below is the full article from The Telescope News as is(Disclaimer this article was penned by The Telescope News in its entirety and therefore their views are not necessarily those of Zim Latest News)

We first reported in February 2014, that a group of Ghana pastors, mainly from Sekondi-Takoradi twin cities, had fallen out with Makandiwa and Angel’s spiritual father called, Victor Kusi Boateng also from Ghana, and had decided to meet President Robert Mugabe, to expose the duo who are accused of using dangerous voodoo and occult powers to lure and entrap gullible worshipers.

The strong muti or ngorongoro voodoo is also believed to be the source of their unexplainable wealth, which has seen Angel winning contracts in America, with Makandiwa who does not have known business qualifications or skills, boasting of owning stocks on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

It emerged last week, that the head of the Ghanaian delegation, Lawrence Ajoba, was warned not to prematurely visit the country together with his fellow pastors until tensions eased, as it was “unsafe” due to the “anger and wrath they could meet upon arrival in Zimbabwe”, as some loyalists and followers of the two dubious prophets had vowed to beat them up, if they set foot in Harare.

Ajoba in an exclusive interview with our media contact in Ghana, said they have provided evidence to the President’s Office, that both Angel and Makandiwa should be arrested and have their churches closed, if First Lady, Grace Mugabe is to pass away, because this was the only spiritual evidence that would carry weight as it involves the president’s wife.
The End of Prophet Uebert Angel....

Ajoba said God did not show the sad death prophesy of “Amai Mugabe”, to Angel and Makandiwa because they are fake, and are in fact “fetish priests” just like Nana Kwaku Bonsam, the godfather of their spiritual and occultic father, Kusi Boateng.

Angel has previously been linked to “financial sponsorships” from a Harare business mogul, who is also accused of initiating the so called preacher into the occult. When the story was broken, a visibly shaken Angel flew to Britain from Zimbabwe at the speed of light, to defend himself on another Zimbabwean website, which published the story.

“I feel sorry for Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, for they are now in hot soup,” said Ajoba.

“Makandiwa was busy joking and boasting that anyone, who thinks that he is fake must come forward and expose him or prove it. Things of the spirit have no immediate physical evidence, which is why one might never find out that their own wife maybe a witch, or husband a wizard, because it is God alone who reveals secrets. This is the tough question we faced with the Zimbabwean authorities. They wanted hard evidence, and we quietly informed them about the harm coming to Grace Mugabe as ample proof that those two are evil and a waste of time. Makandiwa tried to cover himself up by donating money to the President’s daugther, while Angel tried to campaign for the President’s party, during esteemed Mugabe’s birthday. All I can say is that bulldozers, are going to be set on Makandiwa’s UFIC church in Chitungwiza, while this Angel boy could have been a little clever to run away to his United Kingdom base, but I’m sure they can still get him.”

Ajoba went on to claim that Angel has impregnated a young woman, whom he decided to hide in Germany a few years ago, while he was based in Zimbabwe. The Ghanaian pastor said there is nothing “new under the sun” and all hidden things cannot be hidden forever, the Lord eventually brings everything into the open.

“Look at how the Lord works,” said the Man of Cloth. “I come from Ghana, but God also showed me that Angel has a secret baby outside wedlock. All we can do is to pray for him. I don’t want to be rude, to the extent of providing photos. Our Germany based church leader, even received an e-mail from the mistress on 14 March 2014, seeking divine counseling. We have the records, but also want to protect the poor woman and her child’s identity.”

The e-mail written to the said pastor in question, by one Shorai Karimanzira also forwarded to us, reads in part: “Hello Prophet Quarm. I have heard good things about you sir and was hoping if you would help me to look into my future sir. Thank you.” A telephone number has also been provided.

Zimbabweans in Germany are said to be irate about Angel’s alleged impregnation, after posting the lady into a foreign land where she did not know the language, nor had family living there, just to protect himself.

However an official of Angel’s Spirit Embassy church in Harare, said people should just leave his Pastor alone. “The papers have nothing to write. Why can’t you leave Angel like that. You are full of venom, and remember that God says touch not my anointed and do no harm to my prophets. This Ajoba pastor is talking too much, and wanting to provoke our great men of God. Let him waste his time.”

In his closing remarks, Ajoba also said Kwaku Bonsam’s days are numbered because he recently attempted a spiritual attack on him, but failed.

“The power of the Holy Spirit, struck him down, and I will not be surprised if this man dies soon too. What it means, is that all those who got evil charms from him, will perish as well.”

Kwaku Bonsam declares himself, to be: “The most powerful spiritualist of Africa. The Great Authentic man , Nana Kwaku Bonsam is believed to be the reincarnate of Okomfo Anokye,” his tweeter profile message says.

The fetish priest has reportedly provided black magic, to over 1700 pastors in Africa, to grow up and prosper their churches including Zimbabwe. Angel and Makandiwa, have never openly denied receiving such from Bonsam, through Kusi Boateng as accused by their detractors.

Makandiwa had no shame last week in speaking about his controversial wealth, while addressing a so called “Billionaires Mindset Summit” in Harare. The businessman said his income comes from business and not the church, going to length in his blasphemy, talking about investment opportunities in spite of the economic situation in the country, instead of praying for the sick and preaching the gospel.

“It is believed that preachers everywhere make money through taking advantage of the poor. If the people are poor then what can a preacher take from them as the congregants actually have nothing in the first place? Besides preaching the gospel, I am involved in a number of private projects that have enabled me to acquire a lot of wealth. It amazes me that people think I live off the contributions of my church when in actual fact that money may contribute to the buying of my bread and eggs only. I have been blessed in my own capacity to the extent of being ‘listed’ on the London Stock Exchange not as UFIC but as Emmanuel Makandiwa,” he bragged.

Source: The Telescope News
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