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Show me your friend so that I can know who you are says Prophet W. Magaya

At some point we have discussed on the issue of breaking your strongholds by changing your character through pruning all bad ways of the pas...

At some point we have discussed on the issue of breaking your strongholds by changing your character through pruning all bad ways of the past including friends so that you do not miss your BIG ORDER. Your old friends know you as the old person yet you could have changed by now therefore you need to show by changed actions that you are a new person the old you is gone.

There is no way light can stay with darkness. The moment light comes in, then darkness falls away. Darkness, no matter how dark, cannot push away light. Instead, the more darkness there is, the brighter and stronger the light becomes. Rima rakavepo kuti chiedza chive nesimba.

Same applies to you children of God today, you carry the light of Jesus and that light must shine wherever you are. Shine for those in darkness in order for them to have light also. Mother, father, brother, sister, who is your friend today? Does your friend have light of Christ as you do? In fact who are you? Can you show me your friend so that I can really tell who you are? Because there is no way you can associate with one of bad character while you remain good. Like minds play together, therefore the next time I see your friend I will tell exactly who you are. Do you know that, good as you are, people shun your company because of that bad friend of yours. Why? Because birds of the same feather flock together.
Show me your friend so that I can know who you are
Uripanapa here iwewe?
Is your friend good enough that you can proudly show us? If not, then the ONLY reason you could still be associated together is that you are imparting your light on him or her. The bible does not say, disregard or shun your bad friends but it is saying do not connive or agree with them to do evil or bad things. Get closer to them mainly with the intention of bringing them to the light of Christ. Are you changing your friend to become good or it is you who is being changed from good to bad? Think twice and evaluate your friendship! Urikushandura shamwari yako kuti ive yakanaka here kana kuti ndiwe wave kutoshandurwa neshamwari yako inemabasa akaipa? Pafunge! Gadzirisa mafambiro ako nhasi.

Parents also check the type of friends your child is associating with. Your child could be under the influence of bad companionship, smoking, taking drugs and even fornicating because of the friends around him or her. Evaluate your child’s personality and behaviour by observing the personality of his or her friends. You could uncover bad traits and do so today before it is too late, one stitch saves nine. It will not help to cry over spilled milk, act to day.

Are you here somebody?
Take time to sit down with your children discussing over life issues, reading the bible with them and teaching them the word of God. Pray together and attend church services with them. Cultivate a good character in your child before time runs out. Our guidance and the word of God can transform them. Some parents could be saying, it is water under the bridge but Jesus can change all situations even under very unfavourable and worst conditions. Keep your children under the covering of the blood and anointing of Jesus Christ and will build a bright future for your children.

When light shines, the devil flees and all problems flee away too.

Therefore, ask yourself today – Do I have good friends? If not, think twice and choose your friends wisely. Also ask yourself if you are making any effort to change your friend from bad to good.

The wise listens and the foolish discard the good word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Shout, “Let there be light that pushes away darkness! Chiedza ngachive mandiri! Light has power over darkness! The light in me pushes away darkness and it changes people around me! As I turn around this month all darkness falls away in the Mighty name of Jesus! ”

Glory be to God. Mbiri kuna Jesu.

Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness.
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