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Langeveldt sexually assaulted my wife - Carl Joshua Ncube

Popular Zimbabwean comedian Carl Joshua Ncube took to Facebook on Thursday evening to express his fury at how fellow comedian Edgar Langevel...

Popular Zimbabwean comedian Carl Joshua Ncube took to Facebook on Thursday evening to express his fury at how fellow comedian Edgar Langeveldt allegedly “sexually assaulted” his wife Nelsy at the Book Café in Harare.

“I am sure by tomorrow you would have found out that I almost beat the shit out of Edgar Langeveldt. This is true and I apologise. I don’t apologise because I was in a big fight at The Book Cafe, Harare tonight but I apologise that I actually wanted to beat the shit out of this miscreant of comic society that the Zimbabwe Arts Sector Allows to have any relevance,” Ncube wrote on Facebook.

“I have been silent about direct assaults made on my person by Edgar in the Zimbabwean comedy fraternity in the last 4 yrs. I will be brief about this Mr Langevedlt! Sexually assaulting my wife for the second time in 3 yrs. 2 times is 2 times too much for any man and I regret not retaliating accordingly like any REASONABLE MAN would!,” Ncube wrote.

“You are lucky my wife hasn’t pressed charges because she feels sorry for your sorry ass. I Apologise to Zimbabweans at large for my behaviour tonight but my priority is to defend my wife’s honor ahead of my need to seek approval from people. Edgar you do this again…I promise I will beat the shit out of the 20 people holding me back tonight just to get to you! You f….. IDIOT!!!!!” he added.
Under Fire: Comedian Edgar Langeveldt
Ncube was clearly angry on the night and went further to write “I admit Edgar Langeveldt knows my buttons! Sexually assaulting my wife is one of them! You are a f…. moron and were lucky BOOK CAFE had people holding me back from BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU TONIGHT!!!!!!

“Zimbabwe respects Edgar Langeveldt too much and this needs to stop, he is a F…..MORON and has sexually assaulted my wife TWICE!!!! What am I supposed top do besides Kick is F….. ASS!!!! I don’t mind f….. everything I have up just to defend my wife’s HONOUR! You are a F…..ASS….!!!!!

“My wife has never EVER done anything to you EDGAR LANGEVELDT!!!!! If you have an issue with my SUCCESS then deal with me you F….. MISCREANT! F… YOU! I can’t believe someone I considered an idol in Zim comedy would stoop so low…M…….F…..r you crossed a live you ASS….!!!!! Everyone will be quiet about you but I will not. F…. YOU EDGAR LANGEVELDT!!!!!” Ncube wrote on his wall.
Loving Couple: Carl and Nelsy Ncube
According to witnesses Langeveldt allegedly exposed himself to Ncube’s wife.

“He opened his pants to her in a gesture,” Nehanda Radio was told.

We reached out to Langeveldt for comment and had not received a response at the time this article was published.

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, Ncube confirmed that Langeveldt had “forcibly kissed” his wife the last time and he was not going to sit back and allow him to disrespect her and himself this time around.

“He is so lucky so many people were protecting him. I will gladly sacrifice my career, respect and reputation for her honour. I will not tolerate any disrespect of my wife like that,” Ncube told us.

“The forced kiss was the first time, today was a sexual gesture, I believe the intent to be the same,” Ncube added.
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